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Carl's Excellent (Montana Tango) Adventure

Cafe Frances De Arts is a nice little French pastry coffee house in the heart of Bozeman.  The 'Coyote Gypsies', a duo of musicians, play accordion and violin every other Sunday.  Although the Gypsies don't specialize in tango, local dancers have been showing up on Sunday mornings (Mornings?!) since they heard about the music and spontaneously started dancing one day.  

Ever since, it has become a weekly tango event mixed with the usual Sunday morning traffic of locals who come to enjoy coffee and authentic french pastries served by an authentic French couple.  

The dance floor is a good but the entrance draws traffic straight across it giving it a patina of grit from the outside.  Many customers bring their dogs, which can be distracting when they bark.  The shih tzu was cute with her vocal accompaniment to the music. 

Kind of Montana informal.  The music and atmosphere is excellent.  

Essence of Tango by Rafe Otis

The essence of tango is connection.  At its best, tango is going into The Zone with another, a state of blissful euphoria.  Experiencing The Zone is the goal, sometimes referred to as 'the ten minute romance'.  It can be experienced with a total stranger. It's not unusual to experience multiple "ten minute romances" in an evening.    


Connection is a two way physical 'conversation' requiring mutual participation, respect and trust.  If the connection isn't reciprocal, the connection is lost.  Without the focus on the connection, advanced technical skills are meaningless.  If the connection is good, then minimal technical skills can be very satisfying.