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BSU Tango Club Beginner Series

Boise State Tango Club is hosting a six week-beginner series designed for those who don't know much about tango but want to get really good really fast! We'll cover all of the basic tango movements. You'll be gliding around the dance floor by the end.

All classes are in the Student Union Building (hereafter SUB) on the Boise State Campus.  BUT PLEASE NOTE - they are not always in the same room. Check ROOM SPECIFIC LOCATION below.

Instruction by Tommy and Christian
$15 students, $25 non-students (For all six weeks? What a deal!)


No partner or experience necessary. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that have some slide.

We strongly encouraged you come to every class to get the maximum benefit and not fall behind!

Class 1: Wednesday, 9/28
Hatch C Ballroom, SUB
Fundamentals 1 - Walking, Embrace, Musicality, and Connection – Welcome to learning tango! In the first class, we’ll cover all you need to dance a simple tango. We’ll cover the roles of leading and following, the basic tango step, how to dance to the music, and how to hold your partner.

Class 2: Wednesday, 10/5
Hatch A Ballroom, SUB
Basic Navigation and Floorcraft – Now that you’ve got the basics down, we’ll go over some moves that will help you navigate the dance floor including a practical and useful way to turn both right and left.

Class 3: Wednesday, 10/12
Hatch A Ballroom, SUB
Ochos: Dissociation and Pivoting – Now we’re getting serious! The ocho, the most iconic (and prettiest!) movement in tango, is named such because the follower makes a figure eight on the floor with her feet. Note: For this class and going forward, proper footwear becomes very important. We'll talk about what this means in the first 2 classes. 

Class 4: Wednesday, 10/19
Hatch B Ballroom, SUB
Giros 1 - “Giro” means “turn” in English, and we’ll turn and turn! We’ll cover the basic grapevine pattern as well as entrances and exits.

Class 5: Wednesday, 10/26
Room To Be Determined, SUB
Milonga - “Milonga” is an upbeat, fast, fun style of tango music that’s really easy to get into. We’ll cover how the music works and the basic box step that works for any scenario.

Class 6: Wednesday, 11/2
Bishop Barnwell, SUB
The Cross – This is it. The final movement of the basic tango steps. The cross. Extremely versatile and great for linking together all kinds of movements.

Earlier Event: September 25
Sundays at the Y
Later Event: September 28
Wednesdays at Fort Boise

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