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OCTOBER 25 - 27, 2019

The Intensive Weekend Pass is LIMITED to 17 couples (34 total participants) — lead/follow. The Weekend Pass also includes all Practicas and Milongas. There is no à la carte pricing for instruction/intensive classes. You must purchase a Weekend Pass, if you are wanting to take classes with Maja & Marko. The classes are designed for Intermediate and Advanced tango dancers. Please go HERE to assess your level.

***UPDATE: Only 5 Full Passes remaining for Couples (Lead/Follow) for Intensive workshop classes! There are plenty of milonga passes!***

To attend all Milongas, you must purchase a Milonga Pass or Full Pass. Our Saturday & Sunday Milongas are open to everyone with pay at the door options. 

Maja & Marko Intensive Weekend, October 25-27

FRIDAY, October 25 — Ochos

  • 7:00 - 7:30 PM — Arrive/Meet & Greet
  • 7:30 - 9:00 PM — “Ganchos for Followers”
  • 9:00 PM - 12:00 AM — Milonga w/DJ __

SATURDAY, October 26 — Ochos

  • 1:00 - 2:30 PM — “Couples Technique: Milonga”
  • 2:45 - 4:15 PM — “Embellishing Milonga”
  • 4:15 PM - 5:00 PM — Practica w/DJ Sage
  • 8:30 PM - 1:30 AM — Grand Milonga w/DJ ___ and special performance by Maja & Marko!

SUNDAY, October 27 — Ochos

  • 1:00 - 2:30 PM — “Circular Movements Around a Common Axis 1”
  • 2:45 - 4:15 PM — “Circular Movements Around a Common Axis 2”
  • 4:15 PM - 5:00 PM — Practica w/DJ Sage
  • 8:30 PM - 12:00 AM — Closing Milonga w/DJ __

Everything all weekend is at Ochos! — 515 W. Idaho St.

Privates with Maja & Marko

Private lessons can only be booked with both Artists — Maja & Marko. They will be available to teach private tango lessons during their stay in Boise from October 24 - 29. They will have limited availability to teach private lessons during the Intensive Weekend. Priority will be given to out-of-town tango guests for the Saturday & Sunday time slots.

To find out their rates or to book a private with Maja & Marko, you can contact them directly by using this form. As they have an international phone number, WhatsApp is their preferred method of communicating.

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Need Accommodations? Have accommodations to offer?

If you are an out of town tango dancer, needing accommodations for our workshop weekend, please describe in the message box how many are in your party, exact dates of your stay, and if you have any restrictions (pet allergies, etc).

If you are offering accommodations, please describe how many people you can host and under what conditions. For example: "Two people in their own rooms." Or "Two people sharing a double bed."

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Meet Maja & Marko

Maja & Marko started dancing tango in Zagreb, Croatia in 2002 in a small group of enthusiasts curious about this “new” dance. Some five years later they began giving regular lessons at the Tango Argentino Zagreb dance school. Their first and most influential teachers were Pablo Rodríguez and Noelia Hurtado and later continued to study with Noelia and Carlitos Espinoza. They also studied with Federico Naveira & Inés Muzzoppapa, Bruno Tombari & Mariangeles Caamaño, and Chicho Frumboli & Juana Sepúlveda, among others.

Since 2014 they have been working with tango professionally, holding workshops and performing all over Europe (Amsterdam, Minsk, Florence, Karlsruhe, Genova, Budapest, L´Aquila, Freiburg, Treviso, Poreč, Mantova, Halle, Sevilla, Lisbon, Procida, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Reykjavik etc.). In 2018 they have started to work in North America, Asia, and Australia.

They rarely teach figures and prefer to focus on the basic technical (walking, stepping, pivoting, keeping posture, finding balance, embracing, quality of movement, etc.) and musical (phrasing, change of dynamics, interpreting different orchestras, etc.) elements. Their philosophy is based on 3 ideas: feeling good, looking good and connecting with our partner to the music. One of the things they like the most about tango is the close embrace. They see it as a living, changing thing that enables us to transmit the movement that interprets the music. They like to play with the possibilities and limits of close embrace and encourage their students to do the same!

Learn more about Maja & Marko at https://www.majaymarko.com/

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