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Whatever your level of experience, there are several opportunities to dance with us each week and lots of special events, too.

Guess who's coming back to Boise for the 7th time?....

Courtney Moore & Momo Smitt

Courtney Moore & Momo Smitt

Message from Momo:

"Courtney and I are both so excited to be back for a full weekend of workshops this May! Hard to believe 15 months has passed since our last visit. Judging by what I've seen on your website and from Facebook, it looks like your community is thriving, which makes me so happy! 

This May weekend, we will be delving into topics with a progressing level of difficulty. While one is neither more or less valuable than another, we encourage you, if at all possible, to commit to the entire weekend. The concepts we will be covering over the course of the weekend build upon each other. The first two workshops on embrace, connection, and musicality are both fundamental, and indispensable and will set the stage for the the final three vocabulary based workshops. 

As always, the material for each workshop will be progressively presented allowing for all levels of dancers to benefit  from brand new to advanced. Looking forward to seeing you then!"

Momo + Courtney

Save the Date!  Duo Fuertes - Varnenin will be coming to Boise on Thursday, August 25th

ABOUT DUO FUERTES - VARNERIN:  With a sound reminiscent of icons Carlos Gardel and Jose Razzano and a modern playfulness that is uniquely their own, Duo Fuertes - Varnerin elevate tango to a new level of relatability and charm that has been missing since the days of old.   They have been performing at milongas and festivals in Buenos Aires since 2003 and have toured the European tango circuit for the past five years. August 2016 marks their debut in the US!  They are kicking off their tour in Portland and ending it in Boise, ID.  Tickets for their Boise performance will be available soon!

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