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Julie’s love affair with Argentine tango began in 2001 in the vibrant tango community of Seattle, Washington. Passion and mystery drew her to the tango, but its warm friendships, depth of connection, and endless opportunities for improvisation are what she values the most. Julie’s teaching style is light-hearted with emphasis on connection, technique, foundational patterns and improvisation.

She has studied intensively with some of world’s most highly respected Argentine tango maestros, notably Julio Balmaceda & Corina de la Rosa, Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne, and Graciela Gonzalez. Julie is a trained teacher, holding a Masters in Teaching from Seattle University, and she uses what she know about how people learn to help her students learn to dance quickly and thoroughly.

In 2004, she began teaching tango in Santa Barbara, California, after completing a 30-hour class series in teaching tango to beginners, designed and taught by Daniella Arcuri and Armando Ozuza. She studied tango theory and technique under master teachers Valorie Hart and the late Alberto Paz, authors of the book Gotta Tango. In 2005, together with her former partner Fardad Michael Serry, she won The Gold Award at the World Council for Argentine Tango Events Competition in San Diego, both in improvised tango and improvised milonga, where their highest score was in musicality. Before moving to Boise in 2016, Julie taught tango classes and private lessons in Chico, Santa Barbara, Camarillo, Santa Ynez, Los Angeles, and Reno. She has performed throughout California, and also in New Orleans.


Julie Stillman

Julie Stillman

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