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Membership benefits.

Your  Annual Membership will give you discounted pricing for one year to lessons, practicas, milongas, workshops, and special events by Tango Boise Inc.  See our  comparison pricing chart for examples on the benefits of being a Member:

Upon joining, you will receive an automated email receipt with a link to our Members Only Pricing.  If you do not receive your automated email receipt, please contact us.   

After joining, you will be automatically added to our Event Newsletter and to our Members Only email lists. This is your ticket to early registrations, special Member's Only options, and current events.

You will be reminded of your upcoming Annual Membership renewal. 

There will be an automatic email reminder sent three days before your next annual dues payment.  At that time, you will have the ability to cancel or amend your membership.

Your membership dues are tax deductible.

Tango Boise Inc is a qualified non-profit organization.  You can deduct membership fees or dues you pay to a qualified organization LESS any value of the benefits you receive.  Certain membership benefits can be disregarded, such as:

  • Free or discounted admission to the organization's facilities or events

  • Preferred access to goods or services

  • Discounts on the purchase of goods and services

  • Receive only a small item or other benefit of token value

You will receive an automated email receipt of your annual membership contribution.  Please save or print your email receipt for your tax records.  Tango Boise Inc. does not mail receipts.

Become a member.

We understand that every individual and household have their own unique situations. To qualify for membership benefits the minimum contribution is $15 per person. The suggestions below are intended to guide you in determining your annual donation amount.

It's just a guide. Choose what is right for you.

If you wish to give more than the $75 option on the form, choose "Other" and enter any amount that you'd like.
  • $25 to $75 - Individual Membership
  • $40 to $75 - Household Memberships (at same address)
  • $15 to $50 - Senior Membership (65 years or over)
  • $30 to $75 - Senior Household Membership (at same address)
  • $15 to $30 - Student Membership (with photo ID)
  • $15 to $50 - Out-of-Area Membership

Additional donations here. 

If you wish to donate over and above or independent of your annual membership dues, you can do so here. 

Additional Donation

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