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A message from Momo:

"Hi Boise! So excited to be coming back to share tango with you all. Courtney Moore will be helping in the workshops to share insights and information on musicality, follower's technique and whatever else is deemed to be of benefit. Like my previous visits, we will be focusing on how to create more enjoyable social dancing for ourselves and our partners by focusing on technique, connection, musicality, and vocabulary.

The workshops are structured to offer something for everyone. Other than the advanced couples class on Friday, all workshops will be All Levels and partner rotation will occur. Show up, work hard, have fun, and be prepared to experience a big leap in your tango development. Looking forward to seeing you there!"


THURSDAY, February 5

Evening - Acupuncture for Everyone - 280 N 8th Street, Suite 208, Boise ID 83702 

7 - 8:15 PM Bread & Butter - Walking, Timing, Phrasing, Pausing, Core Strength, and Balance.  This workshop brings us back to our roots with engaging exercises to enhance our ability to enjoy the dance with the most instrumental vocabulary of all - the walk. 

8:30 - 11 PM Beginner-Oriented Practica

FRIDAY, February 6

EveningAcupuncture for Everyone - 280 N 8th Street, Suite 208, Boise ID 83702

7 - 8:15 PM  (Advanced Couples Class ) Celebrating Separateness: Combinations for Sending and Receiving.  This advanced couples workshop focuses on using turns and changes of direction to express the music separately for each dancer in the partnership. Emphasizing clear and clean communication, we will break down a complex and very musical combination and learn it from the inside out.  

8:30 - 11 PM  Welcome Milonga - DJ Momo

SATURDAY, February 7

AfternoonBroadway Dance Center - 893 E Boise Ave, Boise, ID 83706

1 - 2:15 PM Suspension 1.0 - Back Steps, Forward Steps, and Turns for Leaders and Followers. Exploring both linear and circular approaches to creating suspension using breathing, changes in height, and quality of arrival.

2:45 - 4 PM Suspension 2.0 - Cultivating Contrast and Musical Variation in Your Dance.  Applying our skills and what we've been working on over the weekend, we will discover ways to express ourselves to the music. Rhythmic, lyrical, and most importantly, the transitions in between.


EveningPat Harris School of Dance - 1225 N McKinney St, Boise, ID 83704 
8 PM - 9 PM  Pre-Milonga Beginner Class - taught by Tommy and Christian

9 PM - 1 AM  Grand Milonga - DJ Courtney

SUNDAY, February 8

AfternoonBroadway Dance Center - 893 E Boise Ave, Boise, ID 83706

1 - 3 PM Mega Workshop - I'm So Fancy: The When and Why of Boleos.  Yes, Boleos again. They can be both wonderful and terrifying. This two hour mega workshop will reveal the subtleties of how to lead them and the secrets of following them well and shaping them beautifully; complete with stylistic and musical variation.

3:15 - 4 PM Guided Practica

Evening - SOLID Bar & Restaurant - 405 S 8th Street, Boise, ID 83702

7 - 8 PM  All Levels Lesson taught by Tommy 
8 - 11 PM  Farewell Milonga - DJ Tommy

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MONDAY, February 9 

Private Lessons - Momo and Courtney will be available for four (4) private lessons (each!) on Monday, February 9.

$75 for one hour whether for a single or a couple. Private lessons are open to those who have participated in the full workshop. 

Contact Eileen here if you are interested in scheduling one of these. 



Weekend Pass $80 

Full-Time Students w/ID $50

Passes exclude Advanced Couples Class on Friday night, but  include everything else from Thursday to Sunday!

Friday Advanced Couples Class $10 per person with these passes. 

A la Carte Pricing ...

Thursday Class and Practica $10

Thursday Practica Only $5

Friday Advanced Couples Class $25 per person

Friday Milonga $10

Saturday Classes $25 each

Saturday Milonga $10

Sunday Mega Workshop + Guided Practica $35

Sunday Solid Class + Milonga $10

Sunday Milonga Only $5


Contact Tommy (208) 863-1081




Over the past five plus years, Momo has been traveling nonstop; teaching, performing, DJing, and rapping at tango festivals and in local communities across the United States and Canada. He organizes tango festivals in both Portland and Ashland Oregon with an emphasis on community building and comfortable, connected social dancing. Known for his embrace and his musicality, he works to spread this style of dance throughout the tango world. In Momo's workshops you will experience a slower, simpler dance where the music and the partnership, not the steps, are the primary focus. Like performance, DJ-ing is about working the crowd. Momo loves watching the dancers and building the night around the energy in the room.  

Momo will be assisted by Courtney Moore. 

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