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Do you want a deeper understanding of tango music?
Would you like to start DJing in Boise (or elsewhere)?
Are you already a DJ and want to improve and expand your knowledge?

Join DJ Tommy Smith for a three-workshop series on tango music and DJing.


Then take Workshop 1 only (Nov. 3rd). This workshop is open to all and is great for deepening your understanding of music and the DJing process. It’s open to an unlimited number of participants!


Then take all three workshops. Included in your registration are three take-home assignments that will be evaluated by Tommy and instructions on how to access a starter collection of tango music. Those who complete all workshops and assignments will be an "in-training DJ" (IT DJ) and will be able to start DJing Tango Boise events under supervision. Parts 2 & 3 are open to 8 participants.

WORKSHOP 1: Background and Music
November 3rd
We'll kick things off with some background on tango music to put everything into context. We'll discuss orchestras, styles, how to listen and what to listen for. How to differentiate songs good for dancing will be discussed, as well as how to build your music collection. We'll end with tanda-building exercises and group discussion.

Homework: Construct 5 tandas using the information discussed and bring them to the next class. Music will be provided to you.

WORKSHOP 2: Energy and Guidelines —SOLD OUT—
November 10th
What is this mystical "energy" I keep hearing so much about? How do I keep people dancing all night? We'll demystify the concept of dance energy and discuss how to build a playlist that people will love. We'll also talk about common pitfalls, the guidelines of DJing, and when those guidelines can be bent (or broken!)

Homework: Analyze a provided playlist. Draw an energy curve, and discuss when the DJ followed guidelines, and when they strayed.

WORKSHOP 3: Technical and Alternative —SOLD OUT—
November 17th
In the final workshop of the series, we'll tackle the technical side of DJing. We'll cover all the things you'll need to keep your playlist sounding great, including song file quality, volume control, and equalization (EQ). How to run a sound system will be discussed. Finally, we'll talk about DJing non-tango (alternative) music - what additional things you need to worry about, how to find and select good music, and when to play it.

Homework: Build a playlist with the guidelines given, paying attention to energy and flow.

About DJ Tommy
Tommy started DJing tango 6 years ago, born out of a desire to elevate the music at Boise milongas and practicas. Since that time he has worked steadily to improve his DJing and deepen his understanding of tango music. He regularly provides music weekly in Boise as well as frequently being invited to DJ festivals out of town, including Helena's Tango Uprising, Missoula Spring Tango, Denver's Tango on the Rocks, CONNECT in Ashland, Oregon, and Salt Lake City Tango Festival. His upcoming DJ locations include Chicago's Windy City Tango Festival and Tango Holiday in Washington DC.  

For questions or comments and to register, contact Tommy using the form below or at
tommykurtsmith@gmail.com  and (208) 863-1081.

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