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Teaching and Philosopy

Tommy discovered tango in early 2012 and immediately became obsessed. Since then his love for exploring both the technical and emotional facets of tango has grown. His skills and interests run the full spectrum: teaching, DJing, performing, and organizing. Constantly seeking out top tango instructors to train with, Tommy is committed to the notion that learning tango is a journey, not a destination.

Tommy brings his analytic and organized teaching style into the tango classroom, drawing from extensive experience as a professor of engineering. He values deep investigation into the “whys” and “hows” of tango movement, striving to present concepts that both reinforce each other organically and are accessible to students of all levels. He teaches comfortable and connected social tango, emphasizing embrace, thoughtfulness, and musicality. With over 6 years of tango teaching experience, Tommy has taught in multiple locations around Boise, as well as regionally at events such as Boulder’s UniTango Festival, Missoula’s Spring Tango, and Salt Lake City’s Mountain Milonga.

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Tommy Smith, photo by Bassel Hamieh

Tommy Smith, photo by Bassel Hamieh

DJ Philosophy

Tommy also has a passion for traditional tango music and DJing, and he believes understanding the mind of the social dancer is the key to great DJing. To educate and motivate beginning DJs, progressing DJs, and those interested in tango music, he offers semi-regular DJ workshops. Festivals he has DJ'd at include Montana's Tango Uprising, Salt Lake City Tango Festival, Mountain Milonga, CONNECT, Tango on the Rocks, and Washington DC’s Holiday Tango.

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